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Physician Staff Presentations
Following the Initial MS-DRG (case-mix) Assessment, a DRG Review, Inc. physician will address your medical staff regarding chart documentation/communication issues gleaned from the initial medical records review. The purpose of these CME-approved discussions is not to teach physicians how to code, but to increase their awareness of the importance of coding and to enhance the degree of cooperation between the CDI team and physicians.

Physician CDI Training Seminar
A physician who understands the complexities of ICD-10-CM/PCS coding and the prospective payment system can often make medical determinations and communicate with the attending physician more effectively than the non-physician CDI team. Since there are few physicians proficient in inpatient ICD-10-CM/PCS coding, the prospective payment system, and DRG management, DRG Review, Inc. has developed an instructional seminar for training Physician CDI Advisors.

The items discussed during this 14-hour, CME-approved seminar includes the following:

The role of the physician advisor
2. The structure of the DRG system
3. C
oding concepts and constraints
DRG validation
Information to enable the physician to speak with his own staff physicians regarding why physicians should be involved with DRG management.  Material will also be provided to help organize newsletters and discussions with individual medical departments
Sample case scenarios with examples of appropriate coding and compliance issues
"Hands-on" experience in accurate DRG assignment through review of actual health records 

DRG Review, Inc. offers its proprietary training manual which will serve as a valuable reference tool as these individuals fulfill their roles as
the Physician CDI Advisors.

Hospitalist Documentation Seminar
Hospital-based physicians are responsible for an increasing proportion of inpatient care. As a result, many of the hospitals’ documentation issues are impacted by this group of physicians. DRG Review, Inc. has developed a documentation program which focuses on training hospitalists.

The items discussed during the three-hour hospitalist training program include the following:

1. How physician performance profiles and payment are impacted by hospital-derived ICD-10-CM/PCS code reporting?           
2.     Explanation of principal diagnosis definition and selection  
        3.     CC/MCC definitions and list
        4.     In-depth discussion of specific clinical items which impact the specificity of inpatient code reporting such as 
                     syncope/underlying etiology; chest pain/CAD, ACS; types of CHF; sepsis; acute respiratory failure; AKI; etc. 
        5.     Discussion of how “present on admission” designation impacts physician/hospital quality and payment
        6.     Discussion of risk-adjusted 30-day mortality and 30-day re-admission profiling and how it is impacted by physician documentation
        7.     Presentation of hospital quality measures (core measures)    

Clinical Documentation
Specialist (Non-physician) Seminar
This 14 hour CME- approved seminar will empower your prospective CDI team (nurses, HIM personnel, etc.) to work synergistically with the Physician CDI Advisor and medical staff to provide accurate and concurrent medical record documentation, thus enhancing the billing process.

The items discussed during this 14 hour, CME- approved seminar includes the following:
  1. Explanation of the Prospective Payment System
  2. Review of basic coding guidelines
  3. Appropriate DRG management techniques
  4. Role of the CDI team
  5. Explanation of the query process
  6. Review of a sample inpatient medical records and clinical scenarios illustrating common DRG management and compliance issues
Additionally, DRG Review, Inc. offers its proprietary training manual which will serve as a valuable reference tool as these individuals fulfill their roles as Clinical Documentation Specialist.

Following the seminar, a DRG Review, Inc. CDI Specialist will visit your facility to work with your CDI team to implement the program and to provide additional training to ensure a successful implementation of your CDI program.

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